Welcome to our Passivhaus / Passive House project blog

Here we will be keeping you up to date with our current PassivHaus project that is due to start on site March 2014. Currently we are processing the plans though the PassivHaus software.

Windmill House

Nestled in the countryside just outside Hillsborough County Down, this award-winning house was built using the core principles of Passive House construction. [...]

Floor Screed

To improve the floor U-value we decided in the end to go for a free flowing screed that [...]

Scaffold Down

The Scaffolding has finally been dismantled and only now do we get a good look at our first Passive House. [...]

Insulation and U-Values

In our design and subsequent PHPP we had chosen materials that were either not widely available or were simply found [...]

Building Arrives

Amongst other advantages, the timber frame kit came with "Easi-Joists" that meant we could thread through services [...]